The Cthulhu for America team is celebrating our core cultist constituency throughout this sacred month.

Cultist of the Week

@nuageme who branded his flesh with my great visage.
Nuageme Cthulhu Tattoo

The week we honored

Grigory “The Unmentionable” Rasputin

All-Star Cultist Month began with Grigory Rasputin. (sanitized biography)

All-Star Cultist Rasputin

Doctor Herbert West

Herbert West whose medical advancements will one day be lauded worldwide. (sanitized biography)

All-Star Cultist Doctor Herbert West

Old Mother Shipton

Old Mother Shipton whose unpublished prophecies continue to come to pass. (sanitized biography)

All-Star Cultist Old Mother Shipton

Agnes Waterhouse

Agnes Waterhouse who was persecuted by the state for her beliefs. (sanitized biography)

All-Star Cultist Agnes Waterhouse