Libertarianism is no easy fit in the political duopoly of electoral politics. You may find your issues piecemeal amongst the only two options, and may even win elections for minor positions, but neither can truly sate the thirst for liberty and freedom.

While Libertarians may initially recoil at the thought of an ancient deity ruling the United States, they should find the liberating freedom that He brings much desired.

Drug Legalization

The “war on drugs” is an abject failure — unless you are a government agency or contracting corporation that benefits greatly from it. It is a method of control, of seizing personal freedom and selling it to the state and partner companies.

The first freedom is that of one’s mind and the liberty to do with it as one will. There is no reason at all why humanity should not expand their perceptions of existence by altering their body chemistry with arcane compounds. It is time to end the war on mental exploration.

Break Crony Capitalism

All too often government is subservient to the desires of corporations that tilt the scales of the marketplace in their favor: bank bailouts, laws protecting companies from litigation and sheer legalized political corruption.

With the coming of Cthulhu’s Golden Age, corporations will be judged on their merits. No mercy will be granted nor will it be given to those feckless executives who dare call themselves “Masters of the Universe.” Government waste will also be severely curtailed; useless pork projects will be eviscerated and the Federal Reserve will be given a visceral auditing.

An End to All Wars

War never changes. There will always be a land war in Asia to fight. There will always be a small country that has valuable resources necessary for industry’s profit. There will always be a tinpot dictator pretending to be a god.

The key to removing the lure of this eternal procession of interventions and conquests is quite simple: conquer the globe. Pax Americana is the only way to prevent all future conflicts since there will be no foreign nations to antagonize us and tempt us to foreign misadventure.


Cthulhu has much more to offer Libertarians than either party can afford to offer. Join Him in the ecstasy of unfettered freedom and liberty that He offers.

Photo Credit: Ted Van Pelt