OPINION by Zane Felix

One of the most deplorable aspects of this presidential race is the legitimization it has provided to dangerous fringe candidates like Cthulhu. We used to have standards in this country and now we have a verifiable criminal, even treasonous, and someone who just can’t keep his damn mouth shut running on formerly respectable party tickets.

Can anyone remember a time when we had real options to choose from? I do, and that was 1980 when it was god-among-men Ronald Reagan versus a peanut farmer. You didn’t hear about Cthulhu then except as a joke among the pocket protector set.

Sure, Cthulhu’s been around awhile – always trying to break into the political process to “eat people” – but he should always have remained some fever-dream of hippies too high to ever think a patriotic thought, not a respectable option for national suicide.

This is how far our nation has fallen. The presidency should be contested by the best our nation can produce, not the worst, but that’s where we have been headed for decades. Aside from the bright years of guidance provided by the Gipper, of course.

We now have the fantastic option of voting for a woman who, like her banking donors, is too big to jail. Whose dealings with foreign nations is quite probably treasonous. And who thinks that election fraud is just another way to legitimately win.

Or we can vote for someone who may as well have Tourette’s since he has no filter on his big, fat orange mouth. Given his history, his conservative credentials are especially dubious. This menace is the anti-Reagan!

And what have they done? They’ve broken the system, these lesser evils, and have made Cthulhu a legitimate option to the electorate-at-large. I expect in the next few weeks we’ll see even more Americans decide to throw in the towel and choose to end it all than continue to be embarrassed by a political class that has passed out drunk in a ditch.

Zane Felix is the radio host of “Upstanding Citizen” on AM960, author of This Planet America and frequent FOX News contributor.