The Cthulhu for America team closes our month-long celebration of our global network of dedicated cultists ready to do what needs be done to open the gates.

Cultists of the Week

Ululations to Jay Arnold, Boiler Frosty, @ShadowBat, @hogtownserb, @Tabitha__Lily, @singram, @GrimmNyte.

The week we honored

Aleister Crowley

All-Star Cultist Month continues with Aleister Crowley whose 1919 Necronomicon translation is still a worthy read despite Thelemic framing. (sanitized biography)

All-Star Cultist Aleister Crowley

Marie Anne Lenormand

Marie Anne Lenormand whose prophetic powers came not from the cards but from beyond. (sanitized biography)
All-Star Cultist Marie Anne Lenormand

Alan Moore

Alan Moore who may – or may not – be part of the whole conspiracy. (sanitized biography)
All-Star Cultist Alan Moore

Asenath Waite

Asenath Waite whose mental prowess at mind transference keeps getting better and better… (sanitized biography)
All-Star Cultist Asenath Waite

Olaus Wormius

Olaus Wormius whose definitive latin translation of the Necronomicon is a scream. (sanitized biography)
All-Star Cultist Olaus Wormius

Cultists of Cthulhu

YOU! Fellow Cultist, our fervent outreach efforts, and thirsty knives, will prevail in 2016.
All-Star Cultists of Cthulhu