DRESDEN, Germany — The secrecy of the meeting of approximately 160 of the most powerful men in the western world always leads to flights of conspiratorial fancy. However it’s no theory that the Cthulhu campaign made their case to back him over Hillary Clinton to the world’s elite.

Campaign manager Eminence Waite made a similar pitch at Davos last year. What marked this as different was the audience: 160 members of the world’s political, financial and industrial elite gathered under the roof of Hotel Taschenbergpalais.

Notable attendees — aside from the usual international mix of CEOs, ministers, chairmen and media representatives — included Washington Post columnist Anne Applebaum, U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham, Canadian astronaut Colonel Chris Hadfield, Alphabet Executive Chair Eric Schmidt and Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan.

Joining Waite was veteran Cthulhu operative Henry Kissinger.

Waite said the presentation was met with a lot of skepticism with many feeling that they already had a lot riding on Hillary Clinton’s appointment to the presidency to change course.

“I’m not surprised,” said Waite. “This is a cabal of alpha dogs who don’t like being told no.”

Wait provided a copy of her presentation, but declined to speak about it. “The content speaks for itself.”

[slideshare id=63622245&doc=060916-cthulhu-bilderberg-deck-160630200100]

It seems Cthulhu pushed hard for the Bilderbergers to accept change rather than force a continuation of the status quo. They argue that the manufactured “good cop” candidacy of Clinton utilizing the “bad cop” of Trump will not be successful. The way forward is to embrace the Dread Lord’s vision.

Also notable are the redacted pages detailing what might be plans for what to do with the meteorite that threatens to strike the Earth near election day.

Photo Credit: Sean Gallup/Getty Images Europe