WASHINGTON-President Obama today announced that he was nominating Dr. Carla Hayden to be the new Librarian of Congress. Below is a comment from Samir al-Azrad, campaign press secretary, Cthulhu for America, on the nomination:

“We are gratified that President Obama has chosen a qualified and capable nominee to be the next Librarian of Congress. We look forward to commanding Dr. Hayden when we take control of the Administrative Branch.

“It is worth noting that the Library of Congress and the U.S. Office of Foreign Arts have been mutually respectful of each other’s areas of expertise. We would hope that the new Librarian would continue to demonstrate that respect for the Office of Foreign Arts’ expertise in foreign artifacts and return the purview of Vault 23 to Dr. Haripriya Vanniyar.

“Dr. Vanniyar was appointed as head of the U.S. Office of Foreign Arts in 2005. However, Dr. Vanniyar and his team have been denied access to Vault 23 since 2012 due to a leaked document from the State Department that implicated Vanniyar in his team of conspiracy to distribute restricted assets. The ensuing four year investigation is nothing more than a political vendetta.

“We call on Dr. Hayden to end the Library’s inquisition, allow the U.S. Office of Foreign Arts to perform its duties and reopen Vault 23.”