The Cthulhu for America team is celebrating our core cultist constituency as our high holiday approaches.

Cultists of the Week

A shout out to Kam Khaos ‏@KamKhaos, Michael Yonchak ‏@RockScholar, Michael Letterle ‏@mletterle, Jay Murphy, Brandon Bowers, Phosphorus Thoth.

And a special tentacles up to The General ‏@ProfessorParis who is joyously preparing for his consumption by Great Cthulhu as a tasty human chimichanga.
Human Chimichangas Ready for Lord Cthulhu (photo by @professorparis)

The week we honored

Captain Obed Marsh

All-Star Cultist Month continues with Obed Marsh whose investments in his town bore strange returns. (sanitized biography)

All-Star Cultist Obed Marsh

John “The Black Constable” Domingo

John Domingo whose mastery of voodoo and necromancy allowed him to live by his own rules in Charleston, SC. (sanitized biography)
All-Star Cultist John Domingo

Dion Fortune

Dion Fortune whose secret knowledge of the Old Ones served us well. (sanitized biography)
All-Star Cultist Dion Fortune

Ludwig Prinn

Ludwig Prinn whose centuries of eldritch research was (almost) silenced by the Inquisition. (sanitized biography)
All-Star Cultist Ludwig Prinn

Austin Osman Spare

Austin Osman Spare whose real “automatic drawings” are rare for good reason. (sanitized biography)
All-Star Cultist Austin Spare

Eliphas Levi

Eliphas Levi who sought to not merely practice magick, but to know it. (sanitized biography)
All-Star Cultist  Eliphas Levi

Abdul Alhazred

Abdul Alhazred whose depth of forbidden knowledge drowned him. (sanitized biography)
All-Star Cultist Abdul Alhazred

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