The Cthulhu for America team is celebrating our core cultist constituency throughout this sacred month.

Cultists of the Week

A shout out to Michie ‏@AxLizzie, Ax Lizzie ‏@AxLizzie, Über ≈Pope≈ ‏@UberChao, Joseph Mason ‏@LordNishar, GhostyO’Nimblespooks ‏@johnny_nimble, Murderhobo ‏@Mordarslusk, Matt Stone, Richard Gangi.

The week we honored

Wizard Whateley

All-Star Cultist Month continues with Wizard Whateley whose master plan would have succeeded if it weren’t for those meddling professors. (sanitized biography)

All-Star Cultist Wizard Whateley

Hew Draper

Hew Draper, a mere innkeeper, whose knowledge outstripped his station — and his captors’. (sanitized biography)
All-Star Cultist for Cthulhu Hew Draper

Abigail Prinn

Abigail Prinn whose undying devotion to Nyogtha stirs once again beneath Salem. (sanitized biography)
All-Star Cultist Abigail Prinn

Sandy Peterson

Sandy Peterson whose “games” have initiated millions of cultists. (sanitized biography)
All-Star Cultist Sandy Peterson

John Dee

John Dee, the original 007, whose communications with “Angels” brought him fame and power. (sanitized biography)
All-Star Cultist John Dee

Erich Zann

Erich Zann whose fevered compositions spoke for him and opened gateways beyond. (sanitized biography)
All-Star Cultist Erich Zann

Friedrich Wilhelm von Junzt

Friedrich Wilhelm von Junzt whose poly-cultist examinations never needed a peer review. (sanitized biography)
All-Star Cultist Friedrich Wilhelm von Junzt

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