Meet Cthulhu

This young steaming rock has long been my lair, my throne – my home. By your limited understanding, I have always been here. You could say I have been on Americans’ minds since that nation’s birth.

I fed off Innsmouth‘s in 1840.

In 1907 I feasted in the swamps near New Orleans.

The silent hills of Vermont played host to my consciousness in the 1930’s.

By 1964 I haunted the lonely surf-addled shorelines of California.

But that does not interest you. For you, primate in more than on cage, seek a way out.

The American Dream sours.

Your pain and despair draws me forth. My foster empire bears black fruit. An alignment forged to break a bond. Through America, itself a key, will destiny be let loose.

So, come cultists in the darkened wood. Come cultists in the broken hood. The screams and dreams of a planet full to bursting of children lost in their own filth. There is only one way out – to avert your embarrassing fate.

Your salvation has never rested upon the lesser evil, for that is a deception you tell yourselves.

But this time the stars are finally right.

It is time to choose the Best Evil. To finally end humanity’s miserable grasp on this muddy planet.