Meet Acantha: a 12-year-old cultist who wants to grow up in a world where the cults of Cthulhu are given equal religious liberty.

Dear Cthulhu, My name is Acantha ***** and I am 12 years old. I have a mom named Samatha ***** and a stepdad named *****.  I also have a twin brother named Felix *****.  I go to a school called the Ashton Smith School for the Gifted.  The school is for kids with special problems, I have ASPD wich stands for Anti-Social-personality disorder.  The school does not make me bored like the others and we learn a lot about you and the Others on the other side.  I wish that there were more public schools that can teach about you.  My school is in Marblehead so I would be available to assist you after school.  I would be the youngest member of your campaign.  I am a huge fan of your, and I really hope you become Presidnet.  I am already a cultist of the first sigil and want to ensure that all cultsts can perform rites in your name without legal problems like now.  I hope You can be the first god of the whole United States! By the way I'm really glad, that you are forcefully pushing for religious liberty, we can't dig many more holes in the basement! Your devoted minion, Acantha *****

Cthulhu did not fail to respond to the supplication:

“Thank you for writing to Me; your youthful devotion has gotten my digestive tracts growling. … Please know that I join your family in wanting discrimination against our sacred rites to end. Keep up the great work, always be willing to permanently end those who defy you, and never stop counting toward the time the stars are right.”

If she keeps this fervor burning, she may even have installation in a brain cylinder in her future!